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      Home Blog Increase Productivity: Provide Relaxation Areas in the Office

      Increase Productivity: Provide Relaxation Areas in the Office

      relaxation area in an office
      If you think office productivity is all about work … think again. Space to relax at the office might be the key to getting the best out of your employees.
      A workplace thoughtfully designed to include relaxation or “recharge rooms,” can have a significant effect on employee satisfaction and performance.
      One in five people believes that having more spaces to relax at work—away from their desks—would improve their performance and productivity. Providing employees’ rooms or zones to relax can also help prevent a range of issues from eyestrain to backache, while also helping to relieve stress.
      Including spaces for strategic renewal and wellbeing is bound to be good for your bottom line, too, with fewer costly days off for illness, exhaustion, or injury.
      Provide a place for workers to unwind and get away from the stresses of the job long enough for the brain to reset. With batteries fully recharged, the employee is ready to get back to work—and tackle even the toughest projects with renewed creativity, inspiration, and energy.

      Game Room

      game room in an office
      Made popular by tech giants such as Google and Apple, game rooms at work came to define the 21st-century tech worker office experience.
      And while it may seem like sound like a waste of time to some of us, the perk of a game room lets employees blow off steam. They can get some physical exercise during the workday and enjoy a place to escape the daily grind and decompress.
      Relaxing in a comfortable chair or playing a game for a few minutes can give a burdened employee a mental reset. Additionally, a game room provides a space for workers to bond as they play games, helping to build stronger team relationships and improve the overall morale and culture of the company.
      It’s also an excellent way for your company to promote work-life balance and show your employees that you make their wellness and mental health a priority.

      Meditation/Yoga Room

      meditation yoga room in an office
      A space dedicated to quiet reflection, including meditation and even yoga, doesn’t have to be very big. It can be just big enough for a floor mat and a small table on which to provide soothing music.
      Meditation practitioners confirm that it takes just five minutes of quiet mindfulness to work wonders for concentration, improved sleep, breathing, and focus throughout the day.
      Stretching and yoga are also beneficial for quieting the mind, stretching the body, enhancing blood flow, and increasing energy. In addition to their swimming pool at headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike offers yoga rooms, a full gym, and more to keep employee energy and productivity up.

      Nap Room

      nap room in an office
      It wasn’t that long ago that even the idea of a nap room would have been frowned upon. But, in this era of business 24-7, employers realize that sleep-deprived staff is, at best, unable to work to their full potential; at worst, a potential liability.
      Of course, big tech is ahead of the curve. Google provides high-tech sleep pods for employees logging long hours.
      Where we used to look to loading up on caffeine to stay alert at our desks, relying on stimulants can lead to jittery extremities and disjointed thoughts.
      Rather than artificial means to keep employees awake and engaged on the job, a power nap might be all they need. Help your staff recharge in a small room big enough for a hammock, sofa, or even comfy bean-bag chairs—each can do wonders for someone pushing well beyond conventional working hours towards a deadline.

      Relaxed Break or Lunch Room

      Bestar credenza in an office lunch room
      Office workers typically manage to take only a few minutes each day for lunch. More often than not, they take those minutes at their desks.
      Creating a lunch or break room that is welcoming, comfortable, clean, and organized helps to encourage employees to enjoy eating in a manner that promotes health, well being, and relaxation—a place where they can unplug as they eat.
      Design your lunchroom well, and it can also be a place of easy conversation, sharing ideas, and unstructured collaboration—all contributing to your office productivity.

      Massage Room

      massage room in an office
      More and more, companies are employing massage therapists to help work out the tension when employees are pushing their professional limits. Massage is especially helpful for people with medical issues, such as migraines, back, and muscle problems.
      Concerned about the bill? The cost of a regular visit from a good massage therapist can often be more cost-effective than the loss of a sick or injured employees.
      Even a 10-minute chair massage can release pent-up tension and relieve the pressure on joints and nerves that cause a large number of employees discomfort.
      Sometimes ergonomic chairs and standup desks simply aren’t enough. It’s a good massage that’s the best medicine to get your employees back to the top of their game with more energy and vigor.


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