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A Configuration Adapted to Your Needs

Many U-shaped, L-shaped or corner desks offer a reversible configuration allowing you to have your storage units or table either to the left or to the right.

Now it’s your time to choose!

An easy match with your storage furniture

Most of our desks come from a collection that includes shelves (“hutches”), bookshelves, cabinets or credenza. Therefore, it will be easy to match your desk with the right storage units.

Your material will stay handy without cluttering your work surface, and your mind, allowing you to work efficiently!

A solid construction made to last

The desk is made of a durable 1” commercial grade work surface and is designed to be used in real life: it is resistant to stains, scratches, and premature wearing.

You will be able to use your desk to its maximum capacity, without losing its pleasant looks.

Smooth and silent operation

The drawers feature top quality ball bearings on the sliding mechanism and therefore allow a smooth motion when opening and closing.

This design ensures an effortless, smooth, and easy glide with just one hand.