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Home Blog 6 Great Storage Solutions for Kids

6 Great Storage Solutions for Kids

Child bedroom

As your baby grows so do the number of belongings they own. Manage your child’s storage needs, and create a tidy space where your tot can take more responsibility for keeping it so.

Keeping a child’s bedroom or play space tidy, or even semi-organized, is a huge struggle for many families. And with more and more toys, clothes, and stuff making their way into your home as your child grows, so does the demand for attractive and functional storage solutions.
Here are six beautiful ways to try to rein in the mess – with your child’s help! – without breaking the bank or losing your mind!

Pint-Sized Perfection

Child bedroom
Encourage organization and independence by making your kids’ storage just their size! If they can reach it, chances are greater they’ll use it. Furnishings sized relative to your child make for a fun way to individualize their space specifically to their needs allowing them better opportunity to use it themselves.

Classic Cube Shelving

Little girl in bookcase
It doesn’t get more practical or attractive than a classic cube-style shelving unit. They’re easy to integrate into any decor and readily available, not to mention cost-effective.
With the wide range of cubed storage boxes to suit just about any decorating style – in a variety of colours and materials – these units make kids’ storage super simple and infinitely functional. Stash stuffed animals, toys, and other fun stuff in the bins. Store books and games in the open cubes.
Cube shelves come in a variety of sizes, from a single row of four cubes to large units of six by six. Just keep in mind that the larger the unit, the harder it will be for children to access the higher shelves.

Durable Drawer Units

Little boy playing
One of the easiest and economical ways to address kids storage is to incorporate a simple plastic drawer unit. Either transparent or with coloured panels, these drawers are ideal for storing some of the messier stuff – plasticine and related tools, paints and brushes, colouring books and colours, and other art supplies.
Easy to access for even toddlers, even easier to keep clean!

Captain’s Bed

children bedroom
Every kid loves a fort. Creating a permanent hide-out, not to mention the perfect place to stash toys beneath the bed, is sure to make you the coolest mom or dad on the block.
Particularly great if floor space is at a premium, a Captain’s Bed allows you to make your square footage multi-task. While this setup is not for young toddlers, it will delight a child that is developmentally able to safely manage a short ladder as well as sleeping a few feet off the floor. Your child can enjoy all manner of activity and imaginative play, in addition to practical storage space, beneath it.

Storage Chest or Trunk

Children taking picture
A beautiful yet practical storage chest, whether new or antique, is the perfect answer to stylishly managing stuff even in a child’s room. Not only can it handle the blankets, dress-up clothes, and toys but it can be a part of their lives through childhood and well beyond.
Choose well, and it could be an heirloom they cherish and pass on to their children.

DIY Crate Shelf

Children bedroom
Crates provide an easy and inexpensive way to create unique and rustic shelving that will prove lasting and versatile as your child’s needs change.
In an infant nursery, a stack of basic crates can provide a simply beautiful way to display your new addition’s special keepsakes. As baby grows into a busy toddler, unstack the containers to transform them into a collection of easy to access toy bins.
If you prefer the crates as shelving, be sure to fix firmly to the wall to ensure they are safely secured as your child becomes curious and is perpetually on-the-move!


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