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Home Products Murphy Beds Queen Murphy Bed 66W Queen Murphy Bed
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Collection Cielo

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Width Height Depth Weight
1658.6 mm 2181.9 mm 596.9 mm 200.5 kg
Width Height Depth Weight
65.3 in 85.9 in 23.5 in 442 lbs

Key features

  • To avoid risk of injury, bed must be installed to wall and floor structure by a professional or qualified person; two people are required for assembly
  • Installation requires attachment to wood studs or masonry, removal of the baseboard, and drilling into the floor (if disassembly is required, holes may be covered with baseboards 0.5 inches or thicker); all necessary hardware is included
  • Dual-mount wall bed mechanism attaches to floor and wall for ease of assembly and maximum stability and durability
  • Do not use this product for children or pets under 50 pounds (22.7 kg); maximum weight supported with mattress is 1000 pounds (453.6 kg)
  • Queen size Murphy bed accommodates most standard queen mattresses (8-12 inches thick, 60-90 lb, 60 x 80 inches, no futons) to let you choose the most comfortable option (mattress not included, do not use with box spring)
  • Dual piston system allows you to fold the space saving bed up and down smoothly and quickly
  • Mattress support uses flexible slats that follow the curves of the body and absorb pressure for maximum comfort
  • Durable steel wall bed frame and laminated engineered wood cabinet with leg levelers; minimum ceiling height of anchoring wall is 88.9 inches
  • Brushed Nickel hardware and dimmable CSA-approved LED lights (120 V) give the pull down cabinet bed a modern look
  • Backed by the Bestar 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty; North American made with globally sourced materials

The Bestar Cielo 66W Queen Murphy Bed presents an ideal solution for creating a multipurpose room with contemporary style. A dual piston system allows you to fold the queen size Murphy bed down quickly and smoothly so you can sleep comfortably at night while enjoying your home office, gym, or living room during the daytime. The mattress support features flexible slats that follow the curves of the body and absorb pressure for maximum comfort. The cabinet bed accommodates most queen size mattresses of your choosing and is designed to be used without a box spring. The top of the modern Murphy bed includes dimmable LED lights that are perfect for kicking back with a good book at the end of the day. The dual-mount wall bed mechanism attaches to both floor and wall structures for ease of assembly as well as maximum stability and durability. Minimum ceiling height is 88.9 inches. The open bed extends 92.7 inches from the wall. Maximum weight capacity is 1000 pounds including the mattress. To avoid risk of injury, the bed must be installed to the wall and floor structure by a professional or qualified person. Two people are required for assembly. Installation requires attachment to wood studs or masonry, removal of the baseboard, and drilling into the floor. Necessary hardware is included. Do not use this product for children or pets under 50 pounds (22.7 kg). This queen size wall bed is North American made with globally sourced materials and is backed by a 10 Year Warranty.

Shelly M.

Verified Buyer

Love the bed


Took a weekend to assemble. Instructions could've been more clear and specific. Very impressed with the bed. My son loves it.

Eliane L.

Verified Buyer

Very nice bed, looks great!


Very nice bed, looks great!

Scott B.

Verified Buyer

Murphy Bed


Pallet/packaging was proper and sufficient to protect the parts. Assembly instructions were very good. Finished bed looks very good and works as described. Thank you!

Ira J.

Verified Buyer



The bed does what it is designed to do, but there are some problems: Curbside delivery is just that. I offered the driver $40 to help me move the large and heavy boxes into my garage - 1 minute of work. He said that wouldn't pay his chiropractor's fee. He got nothing and I needed a furniture dolly and muscle to move it. The materials are REALLY heavy; some of the larger pieces are 1" MDF which is heavier than lead. Be prepared to make many trips to the room where you'll assemble the bed. While the instructions are reasonably good, assembly takes a long time - in my case, about two days. There are steps for which two persons are needed, and others when two are desirable. The design leaves something to be desired. I put in a mattress that was just under the stated maximum thickness. The folding bar at the foot of the bed is supposed to hold the mattress in place when the bed is closed. It doesn't. Thinking the problem was the puny holding bar at the head of the mattress, I modified the frame to keep the mattress from sliding down. That didn't work. I ended up calling the company who were aware of the issue, and they shipped out a hook/loop strap that was an easy fix. They should be shipping that strap with each order, unless they've modified the foot-bar. The bed has no headboard, and, when open, leaves about 12" between the head of the mattress and the wall. So pillows, etc., will fall down in the space, an you'll need more than pillows to sit up in bed. Finally, the thing is not feather-light for opening. While the kit does include pneumatic, spring-loaded aids for opening an closing, pulling the bed down from the closed position requires more than a little force. Apart from those issues, the bed looks good, is well-made, and parts line up. The lights are a nice touch, and, if you need a Murphy bed, this can be the ticket.

Audrey F.

Verified Buyer

It took a while to


It took a while to get is assembled and to adjust our wall for mounting . We had a couple pieces that were damaged during shipping and it took 8 weeks to get replacements sent. The company was very responsive with in getting the damaged pieces replaced but would have been nice to get an update that the replacement delay was due to the pieces being out of stock. Overall very happy.with the product.

Karen C.

Verified Buyer

Nice for Guest Room


Putting this together was a BIG project. We hired a handyman and with all the pieces and steps to follow it took about 10 hours to do. It looks quite nice and works well in our guest room/grandkids playroom. It was the best option for a shared use room.

Karen S.

Verified Buyer

Created more space


This bed is just the thing for our basement bedroom, which now doubles as my home office.

Gabriel P

Verified Buyer

Great Bed. Requires pro assembly.


Very good model. I own a handyman business in Vancouver and have installed many Murphy beds from various brands. This one by Bestar is by far my favourite. Built well with no manufacturers defects unlike other brands. So I bought one for myself in the new rustic colour for my guest room.


Verified Buyer

Well-made product, instruction needed update.


Excelence wall bed, product is well make and should last for a good while. Instruction needed updated. I was setting up the bed and since my bed is flushed again the wall on both back and right sides so the piece that used to hold the bed flush again the back wall needed to be install ontop, not inside. And the top inside panel needed to be install first.


Verified Buyer

Great value and very sturdy


This wall bed is very sturdy, was fairly easy to put together and looks great in the room. I had wanted a wall bed for a long time, and I am really happy I got this one and all of my floor space back! It is easy to pull down the bed. It fits my pillow top mattress and the lights are also really helpful. I also really like that they sit outside the door when the bed is closed, so they can be used whether the bed is open or closed. This is pressboard furniture, but it is very heavy duty and the coating is also sturdy and looks nice. I'm going to get a little nitpicky here, but there are a couple things that would make this just perfect. First, I had to use a bungee cord to keep the foot of the mattress against the door as I stow it away and then pull it down. It would be nicer to have something built in, but bungee works just fine. Also, in the spirit of space saving, I was hoping to store the pillows on top of the unit in a basket. But the wires from the lights are just sitting on top of the unit. I will probably tape them down or something so I can still do this. And the instructions were pretty good, but could be better at times. The booklet said 3 people were required, but I didn't see any individual steps requiring 3. Most of the bed I put together myself, and there were some steps that required another person helping. There were also a couple steps that seemed out of order - it would have been much easier to do one thing before another. But overall, decent instructions. When I finished and went to apply the screw covers, some of them didn't fit well or stuck out a couple mm away from the side of the furniture. Again, these are pretty small details, but the things that keep this wall bed just shy of perfect. When it was delivered, the delivery could only take it to the end of my driveway, and it was raining, so I had to bring it in the house right away - by myself. It was packed in 3 very large, very heavy boxes. Even with a hand truck, it was very difficult to get in the house. I would recommend having 2 people there to receive the package and move it inside. On a bonus note, since this attaches to the wall, it prompted us to pull up the old carpet and refinish the hardwood floors before installing, so buying this product also got me beautiful floors as a bonus!


Verified Buyer

High quality comes with great price


Very very good quality of wood and easy to install

Barb Sentes

Verified Buyer

Great bed


I love this bed. Good quality. Took me a couple of days to put together but instructions were really good

Happy 1



We are happy with the bed, it is far away from the wall when down, that is my only drawback. Still married after assembly.


Final product looks good and operates well.


Parts supplied were very exact but did the job. The instructions were a little confusing at times.


Perfect wall bed


Good quality, one bracket was missing for installation and company overnighted it to me. The installation will require at least 2 people, and someone who knows how to properly anchor to wall (can be anchored to studs or concrete wall such as in a basement) and takes a lot of patience and time (a few hours) but all pieces are clearly marked. A few of the picture instructions could use some words as well that might be helpful there were a couple confusing parts :) we get tons of compliments, especially on the included lighting. It is very sturdy, good value for money in my opinion

senior citizen

very well built


My wife and I assembled the bed over a span of two days. The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow, with one exception. There were no instructions covering the handle assembly, and no proper bolts were supplied. As a result the handle became detached after about three uses. Three people are definitely required for the later stages of assembly, but over all it in an excellent product.

ti Paul

very great product and easy to install


I bought it two months ago and everybody who came find it very well done.


Very good value and functional


Very impressed overall... Not too difficult to install and very sturdy /functional. It looks good in the room with a modern feel. The built in lights are a nice touch although wire routing could be better planned. The biggest issue I have is a gap behind the head of the bed where pillows can fall off into while sleeping.. More of an issue for tall sleepers, I'm 6 foot 4. Shorter people don't seem to care, and if it's annoying enough you can always put a big body pillow or something in the gap. This is certainly not a deal breaker and overall I'm very pleased with the product, excellent value that is hard to beat and many guests have already enjoyed it.


Exactly as hoped for


Assembly needed a lot of attention to detail (so many bits to put together), but it came together well. The only snaffu was that I had installed it in the corner of the room, and some later steps included screwing things in from the outside after the earlier steps have you mount the frame where you want the bed in the room. Thank goodness for small screw drivers, and floorboards making it sit out and not flush to the wall. It works great, looks as good as the pictures, too.


Assembly complete


We haven't put the mattress on yet but everything else is done. The directions are O.K. and some miror redrilling needed to be done, as mentioned in earlier reviews. I definitly needed a helper in the later stages, but I did most of the assembly myself. It's sturdy and the quality is good. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Murphy bed.


Great product


Bed. Wall unit is great and looks good, exactly what we were looking for.


It looks great, just like the picture.


We love this bed! It was a bit of a challenge putting it together, but once my husband got it done, we're happy with it.


Be PATIENT - but Well Worth It!


Read the instructions twice; watched the You-tube videos three times, and MERGING both we were able to put the bed together. Some things were missing from the manual; some things were missing from the videos. They used to have all 28 or 35 videos in one HTML location on their web site - in SEQUENCE . then some idiot posted them onto the You Tube web site and there was no order as to which one came next Give that idiot a raise!!!. In the long run when it was all over, we were EXTREMELY PLEASED with the FINAL RESULTS!


Great quality


Bed arrived in 5 days! Very happy with the product!


Everything we wanted in a wallbed


We purchased 3 weeks ago. It arrived early ?. The instructions were easy to follow & all parts were present & easy to identify. Holes lined up & all worked well when it was fonr. Takes time & 2 people to build. We un oxed in the garage & carried pieces to house as it was heavy.


Space sacer


Good products, but hard to install , I spent 200bucks to hire someone to install it.


Love this bed


The bed came in 3 separate boxes that were very heavy, it took my husband and I a furniture dolly to get it inside. When we went to assemble it, a bag of parts was missing. I called the supplier and they sent a replacement pack which arrived quickly. Assembly was easy and mid process we found videos on the website that helped explain a few things that weren't clear in the instructions. Towards the end, there were a few steps that didn't seem relevant to our model as there were no predrilled holes. Overall, very satisfied with the product and quality. It saved us lots of space and fit our pillow top mattress which I think our guests will find comfortable.




not a bad item, I did receive it with scratches on it, went together well

Box 1

Width Height Length Weight
608 mm 95 mm 1816 mm 44 kg
Width Height Length Weight
23.94 in 3.74 in 71.50 in 97.00 lbs

Box 2

Width Height Length Weight
606 mm 82 mm 2308 mm 50.35 kg
Width Height Length Weight
23.86 in 3.23 in 90.87 in 111.00 lbs

Box 3

Width Height Length Weight
536 mm 87 mm 2242 mm 42.18 kg
Width Height Length Weight
21.10 in 3.43 in 88.27 in 93.00 lbs

Box 4

Width Height Length Weight
521 mm 135 mm 2141 mm 63.96 kg
Width Height Length Weight
20.50 in 5.30 in 84.30 in 141.00 lbs

10 Years

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Opt for a Two-in-One Solution

Easily turn your space from a home office to a guest bedroom. You can have a productive workspace by day and a cozy room by night. When your guests arrive, simply pull down the bed and you’re done!

A Comfortable and Efficient Must-Have

Our Murphy beds are designed for everyday use and offer slatted bed bases to ensure your comfort. Moreover, our beds accept most standard mattresses, allowing you to choose the most comfortable option for you.

A Perfect Bed for Any Decor

Our Murphy beds’ stylish designs will suit any space! The various designs give you options to choose from and allow you to pick the one you like best. They also look great folded up or down! What is there not to like?

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