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Home Blog 6 Living Room Storage Furniture Pieces You Absolutely Need

6 Living Room Storage Furniture Pieces You Absolutely Need

Modern rustic coffee table

Since the beginning of 2020, most people around the globe have started spending more and more time at home. While going back to our roots and adapting to a more slow-paced, tranquil lifestyle has its benefits, the number one enemy of those who spend a lot of time at home is clutter. Let’s avoid this pesky problem by choosing the right living room storage furniture, and you can rest easy in your peaceful home!

Keep reading along for tips on what living room storage furniture to invest in for the coziest space in your home.

1. Narrow Storage Cabinets 

Narrow storage cabinet in a bright space

Keeping the living room organized and clean is crucial. But how can you do that when everything around you is in disarray? A clean home can greatly assist you in completing your daily tasks and goals. To reorganize your living room and keep all of your essentials neat and tidy, choose a narrow storage cabinet

Narrow storage units are essential pieces of living room storage furniture that are especially useful in small spaces. Storage space is also likely to be limited if you live in a small apartment. Have you ever considered utilizing your corners to maximize space? 

When you place your living room storage furniture in the corner, you instantly increase the amount of space available in the center of the room. While corners are typically left idle and unused, they can help you save a significant amount of space in your living room. Storage and organization essentials like a corner storage cabinet can truly transform an idle spot into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing area.

2. Versatile Bookcases for Any Space 

Elegant bookcase in a living room

A bookcase can be used to display books, magazines, and other aesthetically pleasing items. It’s a piece of living room furniture that can serve multiple functions and is easily repositioned. If you’re tired of displaying books and magazines, you can turn your bookcase into a plant stand. 

Small and medium plants would fit perfectly in a bookcase, while larger plants would need to be placed on the floor. The same is true for narrow shelving units! Simply ensure that your room receives enough natural light for your plants to thrive. Although many plants do not require direct sunlight because it can scorch their leaves, a sufficient amount of bright indirect light is required. 

Bookcases are useful in almost every room. They are also available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, making it simple to find the perfect one for your home. It’s a versatile piece of living room furniture that can work in a lot of different environments. Let’s look at how you can use one in every room.

A Practical Bookcase in Your Living Room

Your living room is filled with a variety of furniture, from a sofa to a TV stand to a coffee table, but living room storage solutions are required in this space as well. They enable you to keep the room clean and organized so that you can relax in peace. You can have a storage solution that is both functional and fashionable, believe it or not! In this shared space, a bookcase that can hold a variety of items will look great. Because it is small, it can be placed in tight spaces.

A Convenient Bookcase for Your Home Office Essentials

The nice thing about a bookcase is that it uses vertical space, making it perfect for a small home office. Some of our bookcases have closed storage compartments where you can keep your personal documents and items safe. A bookcase will help you keep your desk organized and clutter-free if you have a small workstation, which is ideal if you want to be productive and stay on task. Even if you have a large desk, you will appreciate the convenience of a bookcase. After all, extra storage space is always appreciated. 

A bookcase is also ideal for decorating your home office. Simply dedicate one of the shelves to your favorite decorations, and your room will look fantastic. Use small storage baskets to better organize your items. Depending on the size of your bookcase, you may want to install several baskets on each shelf, one for each category of item. When your supplies are properly organized, you will quickly realize how easy it is to find them. If you want to create a beautiful, cohesive home office, consider purchasing all your furniture from the same collection. You could also purchase a desk set that includes a various built-in storage options.

Extra Storage for Your Bedroom

You might also want to put a bookcase in your bedroom. Having an entire bookcase to yourself is a dream come true for any avid reader. Consider stocking the shelves with your favorite books. You could organize your books by color, size, or series to turn your bookcase into a stylish decoration. This will transform your bookcase into an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Instead of traditional bookends, consider using small potted plants to hold your novels. They will bring life to your bedroom.

3. Unique Lift-Top Coffee Tables 

Ingenious living room furniture

Why not make use of a coffee table to easily store your belongings in the living room? Lift-top coffee tables are the way to go for a multifunctional living room. After lifting the top section, you can eat or work at the table while sitting comfortably on your couch. A lift-top coffee table is an amazing idea to both decorate and reorganize your living room. 

When it comes to living room organization, a coffee table can help you display your decorations as well as give you more surface to store and place your daily essentials.

4. Space-Saving Murphy Beds

Living room with a Bestar Murphy bed with storage

Storage and guest bed all in one? Yes, with a Murphy bed! This living room storage furniture option is ideal for those who want to reorganize their space and add a fantastic guest bed to host friends and family. 

When not in use, a Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, can be folded away into a cabinet on the wall. The shelves included in some models can be used to further decorate and store your essentials and favorite items. 

When not in use, the wall bed can be folded away to make room for other activities. A wall bed can be used to convert your office or living room into a guest room, or as a living room storage solution with the added benefit of a convenient bed. 

If you’re just moving into a new home and want your living room to serve as a multipurpose guest room, save yourself the trouble of trying to find both a bed and a sofa – instead get a Murphy bed with Sofa! You can furnish your multi-use space much faster by opting for a Murphy bed with sofa bundle. The back cushions on the sofa are designed to rest against the cabinet. When you need to use the bed, simply remove the cushions and pull the bed down over the sofa base. It’s as easy as that!

5. Statement TV Stands

The perfect contemporary living room TV stand

Now, let’s talk about a statement piece that can add so much practicality to your living room: a TV stand

With this living room storage solution, you’ll be adding both a statement piece into your room and a practical living room storage solution for your media essentials, blankets, and other objects that obstruct the room if left around. 

Another option to optimize storage in the living room is adding floating shelves to your walls, which can be especially aesthetically pleasing with beautiful books and plants on them.

6. Stylish Multipurpose Credenzas

Stylish mutlipurpose credenza

A multipurpose, versatile solution like a credenza can do wonders for your living room. It’s even more convenient for those who live in small spaces and have their living room merged with their home office or entryway. 

To create a spacious L-shaped desk in the office, place a credenza next to your table desk or desk shell. You can also find desk sets with these two pieces on our website. These matching pieces are great for making your office space look more cohesive. You can work comfortably and efficiently at the table desk. You can store your office supplies in your functional credenza, and you can place your printer or shredder on top of it.  You can keep your belongings and documents organized thanks to the large box and file drawers. Remember to include dividers so that you can easily distinguish the paperwork for your various projects. 

Many of our credenzas also include open and closed storage compartments that are ideal for displaying decorations. You could look into seasonal and yearly trends to check out what decorations and colors are trending this year! 

Your entryway is another ideal location for a credenza. Indeed, your entryway credenza will serve the same functions as a sideboard. Because of its compact design, it can also be used in smaller vestibules. Having a piece of furniture near your front door is ideal because you can leave your daily essentials on it, such as your keys and handbag. You won’t have to worry about losing them because they’ll always be in the same place. Outdoor items such as gloves, hats, and scarves can be stored in the drawers as well. 

There are endless stylish possibilities when it comes to living room storage furniture, and as you can see, many of these storage pieces can be used in several rooms in your home to help reduce clutter. Start shopping for your living room today!

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