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Operation of the Wall Beds

Les lits escamotables, ou lits muraux, se rabattent contre un mur quandils ne sont pas utilisés. Contrairement à ce que certains peuvent croire, ces lits ne sont pas encastrés dans un mur, mais bien enchâssés dans un caisson fixé au mur.

The unit’s big box serves as a cupboard

The unit is used to store away the bed when it is not needed. To store away the bed, all you need is to pull-off the leg from the floor, towards the wall and it will swiftly fall into place, pivoting right back into its axis.

That’s how easy it is to free your floor!

Fixing the box to the wall

The wall mounting is of the utmost importance since it prevents the bed from falling into the horizontal position when it’s not time. In general, the units are solidly mounted to the wall studs in three different places. The length and diameter of the screws or of the anchorage hardware, accordingly, are carefully calculated by the manufacturer to support a greater force than the one used by the bed while pivoting around its axis. Thus, when the wall bed’s unit is assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it will stay securely in place.

The cylinders work for you

Thanks to well calibrated cylinders, the bed’s lifting mechanism allows to pull down or to pull up the bed easily.

As long as you remove the pillows, you can lift the bed along with its bedding in place. Making your bed has never been easier!

A wall bed well installed:
a safe solution

A solid wall mounting is of the utmost importance.
That is why we provide oversized screws and anchorage hardware for the wall unit. This way, the hardware supports an even greater force than the one used by the bed while pivoting around its axis, thus the unit stays safely in place.