Your office decor affects your productivity

Whether within a large corporate office, a small business or even a home office, it is the little details that matter the most for the decoration and layout.

It is a fact: working in a pleasing environment has a positive influence on our productivity and general motivation. Let us explore this further.

General ambience

Just by feeling good about their work environment, employees can be more productive and motivated to accomplish their daily tasks. A dynamic environment where they feel comfortable will allow them to develop professionally, which can only be beneficial for the company.


The first aspect anyone notices upon entering an office or any other room is, of course, the dominant color. Some colors such as orange or yellow will stimulate creativity, while blue and more neutral shades will bring tranquility to the environment. Meanwhile, green can be used either for a relaxed or stimulating atmosphere.


When it comes to productivity or motivation at work, light plays a major role. We need only think of the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), directly linked to light exposure. Adequate lighting, suited to the colors of the office, will provide the desired effect.


Of course, furniture is what makes all the difference when it comes to comfort. Is it not more fun to work at a desk where everything is easily accessible, and where you can spread computer, files and desk accessories as needed?

Matched to a decor that reflects your tastes, the Bestar office furniture has everything you need to create a working environment that fosters both productivity and well-being at work. Come and see the wide range of our products! You will most certainly find THE office furniture you need.

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