Choosing the right colors for your office

Even if you are working from home, it is important that you feel comfortable in your work environment. If some colors can be distracting, others can increase productivity, concentration and creativity.

First, and foremost, it is important to determine the desired ambiance. Which of your senses do you want to stimulate? Is your job stressful?


Yellow evokes happiness and optimism. It also boosts self-confidence and emotional strength. This color must be used sparingly in an office environment, since overuse can generate anxiety. It has also been demonstrated that yellow improves memory and decision making.


Orange is a comforting and stimulating color with multiple properties. In addition to strengthening the immune system, orange fights depression and helps digestion. This is a friendly color that facilitates interaction and relationships. However, do not overuse: as with yellow, this color can cause stress if it is too prevalent within your workspace.


Used moderately, red has a revitalizing effect. It is a color that embodies physical strength and energy. Also known to increase blood pressure and heart rate, it does the same for your energy. This is a strong ally for a creative environment.


Blue is a calming color. It helps regulate the pulse and increase productivity. This color is favorable if you want a quiet and relaxing working environment.


Green represents balance and harmony. An all-purpose color; a good option when you are having difficulty making a selection. Both relaxing and restorative, green stimulates thought and will make your office a sanctuary of creativity.


Neutral colors have the advantage to coordinate with any color, so you can play with the accessories at any time. This will let you change your decor to suit your mood.

The most important part is choosing your desk and creating a comfortable office space in which you can grow professionally. After all, it is where you will be spending an important part of your days!

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