Beyond the colours, there are textures and patterns

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With the same combination of colours, two rooms can have a very different look : one can be a success and the other, a fiasco! Textures and patterns are often the elements that cause a problem in interior decoration. The overabundance of textures like glossy, lacquered, mat, rough, velvety, lightweight sheers and coarse fabrics like linen and jute do not always mix.

The same goes for the patterns : floral, polka-dot, striped and chevron wallpaper are elements that are also difficult to blend especially if they are not the same colour. In doubt, do not use too many textures or patterns.




Make an inventory of the textures and patterns found in your accessories and furniture before choosing your colours. Your accent colour might be replaced by textured or patterned accessories that will give character to your room.

Bestar Design Team -

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