Testimony from Sante

The purpose of this is to thank BESTAR and, specifically, Mr. Gilles Thomas for his valuable assistance in helping me order replacement parts for a computer desk recently damaged during a move.

I live in Hawaii and recently changed residences. The moving company damaged several parts on my BESTAR desk. I contacted BESTAR and was initially told
that BESTAR only ships to the continental US. After explaining my circumstances and offering to pay for shipping, Mr. Thomas said he would see if BESTAR could make an exception in my case. I received a favorable reply shortly thereafter . . . and received the needed parts yesterday.

Please know that all conversations / issues were handled by Mr. Thomas with great urgency, efficiency and, most importantly, a sincere desire to satisfy the customer. Customer service is about listening to customers and helping them find solutions to problems. Mr. Thomas could have easily stuck to the script citing policy and procedure about not shipping to Hawaii but I felt something I rarely feel when dealing with customer service people i.e., that he understood my dilemma and truly wanted to help me.

Again, please accept my sincere thanks for BESTAR’s demonstrated commitment to customer service. Mr. Gilles Thomas deserves recognition for representing himself and your company so well. Thanks to him I remain a very satisfied BESTAR customer. At this point, my only desire is for this email to be forwarded to the President of BESTAR.


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