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Discover our Walk-in and  Closet organizers furnitures

Storage units for your closet inside or out

If your closet is quite small, you can just stay out of it! By adding a storage unit next to it, you can easily double your space.

Complete closet organizers and individual units go together

We offer both complete kits as well as individual storage units.

However, you have no obligation to limit yourself to one single option. If you have enough space, you can combine a complete kit with one or more storage units, or an island in order to fully maximize your space.

An installation accessible to all

You don’t have to be a carpenter to install Bestar prefabricated storage unit kits; you only need to have some basic skills and a few tools such as a hammer, level, measuring tape, and a screwdriver assortment.
You and your partner could transform a cluttered closet into a functional and organized closet in a week-end.

Premium quality

Our wardrobe organizers and our storage units are built with thick panels that will not collapse under the weight of your possessions. In addition, they are resistant to scratches, stains, and burns.

Also, the panels are made of recycled wood and they respect the highest standards in North America with formaldehyde emissions, that of the phase 2, the California Air Resources Board (CARB).