Integrated Production Methods

Integrated Production Methods

Integrated production methods

Thanks to its integrated production methods and order & inventory management system, Bestar delivers its products within reasonable time frames, despite the large number of products & surface finishes and the complex production processes specific to the office furniture industry.

Several years ago, Bestar adopted a bold integrated production strategy, in order to gain agility and flexibility, while offering more to its customers. In 2014, the launch of the parametric furniture line, in response to growing market demand, made Bestar one of the pioneers in ready-to-assemble furniture.

Just-in-time production techniques

By implanting just-in-time manufacturing techniques, we were able to dramatically reduce the volume of our production batches and inventories. More importantly, we have significantly reduced our production times, to a point where they are insignificant compared to the transport time.

State-of-the-art equipment and an integrated management system coordinating all elements of production have allowed us to achieve extraordinary results. The integrated EDI order management system optimizes the speed of order entry; therefore, everything is in place to ensure timely delivery of our quality products.


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