Bestar, Proud to participate at the Ski Challenge Leucan


Bestar, Proud to participate at the Ski Challenge Leucan

Bestar wishes to congratulate Marie-Pier Gagné, Israël Orichefqui, Émilie Gagné and Rémi Fillion for their involvement in the Leucan 12-Hour Ski Challenge.

The Leucan 12-Hour Ski Challenge is one date, four mountains, 12 hours of skiing or snowboarding and several other activities, but more specifically it’s an act of solidarity towards cancer-stricken children and their families.

Each team member must go down the slopes at least once every hour over 12 consecutive hours and raise money to support the cause.

Bestar is proud to have contributed financially to this event. We have reached and exceeded our goal of $500.

$800, 12 hours of skiing and 2nd place… We can say that the challenge was successful!

Congratulations to you!


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